I am voting NOT Trump, so it must be Cruz

I know my opinions don’t carry much weight, I know few are really interested in my politics, and even fewer read my opinions, but I have made my decision today and will step into the mire that is our current political existence. Please read this in its entirety to understand why and hear my call for your action. I am voting for Ted Cruz in Texas’ Super Tuesday primary. I encourage all, Democrat, Republican, and independent, to do likewise.

I can already hear the apoplectic reactions from Trump supporters, Bernie lovers, and all the Democrats that I count as friends: be patient, read this through with an open mind.

Here is why, and it is reasoned, not emotional. I have watched unedited campaign speeches and unedited interactions with constituents. I have read candidate websites (which pretty much all say from the same general things as the others), so that didn’t sway me much. My vote is, first and foremost, a vote against Trump. Out of all the candidates, I do know that Trump is the most dangerous.

I worked in training diplomatic personnel and know how very seriously other countries regard diplomatic decorum. I believe Trump is too much of a blow hard that can’t keep track of his own words and will alienate even our best allies with his empty, popularity seeking insults and mocking. Trump belittles and mocks like a 6 year old on a school yard those that disagree with him, those that challenge him, those that don’t toe his line. This will lead to conflict and war, more so than anything else.

Trump has no humility. He is the embodiment of all the negative perceptions the world has of Americans. We need humility with strength. We need passion without alienation. We need to stop this wild swing of extremism in our own politics as we teeter on the edge of a much more dangerous world.

Why not vote for a Democrat? Because even though I personally loathe Clinton, and know she is bad for our country, she would be a better choice than Trump. My concern and fear of either democrat candidate is not as profound as my fear of a self-absorbed reality TV host becoming our president.

There will be plenty of people to sort out the Democratic ticket, but I believe that if anyone truly loves their country, and wants to have a serious presidential general election, we need someone of substance, humility, and passion that can compete on policies and ideology. Even though I don’t agree with some of the Democrat platform, both candidates have better messages than Trump. While I am disappointed, disgusted even, by both of the Democrat candidates baiting for votes by pandering to anti-police sentiment, I believe Trump is doing the same thing by pandering to those that support law enforcement.

If Democrats and independents come out en force to vote for Cruz, we can have a REAL election of ideas, policies, and potential. If Democrats and Independents want to make sure we have a real president and not some popularity seeking, cult of personality promoter, voting for Cruz in the primary will make sure that Trump will not be president. I think defeating Trump in a primary is far more important than your candidate winning, since the distance between Clinton and Sanders is marginal at best.

I beseech you all, regardless of political affiliation, vote Cruz for Super Tuesday to save our country from Trump. Once the nominations are done, then by all means, vote your conscience. Vote your party affiliation. But tomorrow is a primary, not the general election. Trump will win a general election if he is nominated by Republicans. We need real ideas, real people, to have a real hope of our country not becoming worse.

Voting in a primary for the person you want for president is not as important as voting against a guy that will be detrimental to our future, regardless of who wins for the Democrats.

Then why Ted Cruz? Because there needs to be solidarity against Trump; voting for any of the other candidates is a vote that allows Trump to gain more. Rubio may be a good guy, and may be a good choice someday, but today, we, as a nation, need someone that is a better option than Trump. I still don’t know who I will vote for in the general election, but I do know that either of the Democrats is a better choice than Trump, but if Trump wins, we will all lose. Cruz has more experience, more polish, and the ability to handle confrontation without insulting people. From the videos I have watched, I have seen him be the most direct with a plan, explanation, and compassion than any of the other Republicans. I believe he will be a better contender with either Democrat, and will win or lose based on his content and character, rather than bullying and blowing smoke.

However, I am not endorsing Cruz, I am begging for a reasonable option to Trump. I am asking those Democrats and independents that truly are capable of reasonable thought and an understanding of politics, those that are capable of looking past the dogma of party politics, to vote Cruz so that our country will stand a chance. Cruz or either of the Democrat candidates would be better for our country than a Trump administration.

I am asking Republicans to not split your vote at a time where everyone of them counts against Trump. Carson is a nice guy, Kasich is a nice guy, but nether have any chance of winning. Voting for anyone but Cruz will guarantee a Trump win.

On Tuesday, choose our country, then, in November, choose your conscience.