13 days of 9/11

I can’t write at all today the typical things I do. I have been recounting 9/11 on my Facebook profile.

I have remained quiet for 15 years, only speaking vaguely about my time in New York City, assisting with recovery operations at the World Trade Center site. Why now? Because after 15 years, our country has finally turned 9/11 into a meme to be posted once a year. People are already making commercials for their 9/11 sales and dressing in burning tower costumes for cosplay.

It makes me sick.

So, to remind the world that 9/11 wasn’t just a day to make a meme for, I am posting the the timeline I was there. I want to remind people that not only was it not a day, but it was a week for some, years for others. And eternity for almost 3,000.

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